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I have nearly 90 stories posted on Twisting the Hellmouth at the moment, and I will eventually be posting all of them here. I generally write either straight Buffy stories, or Buffy crossovers. I do have some that have nothing to with the series, but not many. Also, I tend to focus on Xander Harris, as he is the character I am most comfortable with. Anyway, with so many stories, I decided I needed a Master List, so that I can find things easily, and any readers can find what they want from what will eventually become the masses of stories.

Buffy Crossovers

Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter

By the Pricking of My Thumbs Ensemble (PG) [complete, YAHF]

Life Goes On Xander Harris/Asher (M) [complete, character deaths (not shown), slash]

The Precipice Asher (M) [complete, first person, slash]

To Submit Xander Harris (PG-M) [complete]


Never Did Xander Harris/Seely Booth (NC17) [chapter fic, complete, slash]


Soulmates Anya Jenkins, Elmer Fudd (PG)

Chronicles of Riddick

Halloween's Ghost Ensemble (PG) [complete, YAHF]

They Won't Know What's Coming Spike & Riddick (PG) [complete]

Criminal Minds

A Different Life Xander Harris & Kevin Lynch (PG) [complete, real family]

Spoken Passions Xander Harris/Spencer Reid (NC17) [complete, slash]


Just a Little Face Paint Ethan Rayne, Lord Vetinari (PG) [YAHF]


Come to Tea Xander, Angel & River (PG) [complete]

Moving On Xander (PG) [complete]

Turn the Wheel Xander (PG) [complete]

Well, That Went Well</> Ensemble (PG-M) [chapter fic, complete]

Georgette Heyer novels

Lady on the Hellmouth Ensemble (PG) [complete, YAHF] Companion piece to Leonie, Meet Leonie

Leonie, meet Leonie Ensemble (PG) [complete] Companion piece to Lady on the Hellmouth


Drunken Toasts to New Lives Xander Harris & Kurt Hummel (PG) [pre-slash]

I'm the Freak?! Scoobies & Tina (M) [character death]

The Horror! Scoobies, Giles/Sue Sylvester (M)

Welcome to WMHS Ensemble (PG)

Harry Potter

Fluffy, Pink Tutu Ensemble (PG) [complete]

Invasion Force Xander Harris/Severus Snape (M) [complete, slash]

Learning to Live Buffy Summers/Bill Weasley (PG)

Looking Back Willow Rosenberg/Remus Lupin (PG) [complete]

Mark of Mortality Xander Harris/Severus Snape (NC17) [complete, slash]

Oops Xander Harris, Buffy Summers, Voldemort (PG) [complete]

Sickening for a Slytherin Draco, Scoobies (PG) [chaptered fic, complete, slash]

So Not Fair Ensemble (PG) [comedy]
Still Not Fair Xander Harris, Andrew Wells, Severus Snape (PG) [comedy]

Wrong Choice? Rupert Giles & Remus Lupin (PG)


Truth Trumps Lying Buffy Summers & Dr Gregory House (PG)

Keeping Up Appearances

It's Bouquet, Not Bucket Ensemble (M) [complete, dark themes, character death]

Lord of the Rings

Miscalculation Scoobies (PG) [complete, YAHF]

What Was Lost Giles & Galadriel (PG) [complete]

The White City Giles & Aragorn (PG) [complete]

MASH 4077

Bless Us, Lord Buffy Summers, Father Mulcahey (PG) [one shot]

Far From Here Xander Harris, Father Mulcahey (PG) [one shot, YAHF]


Connections Rupert Giles & Hetty Lange (PG) [complete]

Crossing Lines Ensemble (M) [complete, slash]

Daddy's Little Girl Buffy Summers/Jethro Gibbs (PG)
Five Times Gibbs Helped Buffy Buffy Summers & Jethro Gibbs (M)

Grand Theft Ensemble (PG) [complete]

Just Like Her Sister Dawn Summers/Jethro Gibbs (M) [complete]
Kindred Spirits Ensemble (PG)

The New And Improved Shovel Speech (Trademark Pending) Xander Harris, Jethro Gibbs (PG)

Liaison Faith Lehane & Kate Todd (PG) [character death]

Never Too Old To Feel Rupert Giles/Jethro Gibbs (NC17) [complete, slash]

Not Your Problem Oz & Gibbs (PG) [complete]

Odd Jethro Gibbs (PG) [complete]

One Man Wolfpack Oz/Tony DiNozzo (M) [slash]

Seeking Rest Xander Harris/Jethro Gibbs (NC17) [chapter fic, complete, slash]

Spring Break Xander Harris/Tony DiNozzo (NC17) [slash]

Wanted:Xander Harris Xander Harris & Jethro Gibbs (PG)


Boredom is Dangerous Buffy Summers & Sherlock Holmes (PG)

Stargate SG1 and Atlantis

Deep Pockets Don't Count for Much Ensemble (PG)
Sidekicks' Side-bar Xander Harris & Jack O'Neill (PG)

Extreme Wormholes? Scoobies, SG1 (Sort of) (PG) [one shot, YAHF]

Go South, Young Man! Xander Harris, Jack O'Neill, Rodney Mackay (PG) [complete]

Haunted Houses Scoobies & SG1 (PG)

In Vegas Scoobies, SG1 (M) [complete]

So Many Trees Xander Harris & SG1 (PG) [complete]

Tasty Spike (M)

The Perils of Late Night Horror Shows SG1, Jean-Claude, Scoobies (PG) [complete]

Unconquering Andrew Wells/Teal'c (PG) [very mild slash]

Way Out Xander Harris, SG1 (PG)


Jo, the Vampire Slayer Jo Harvelle

Voyeurs, Destroyers and Predators Scoobies, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (M)


Fluffy But Evil Scoobies (PG) [one shot, abuse of childhood icons]

The Big Bang Theory

Bait Ensemble (PG)

Why You Don't Go As Buffy For Halloween
The Buffy Drabbles

The Fast and The Furious

Driving Me Crazy Xander Harris/Dom Toretto (NC17) [chapter fic, complete, slash]

The Simpsons

Those Demon Simpsons Lisa Simpson & Buffy Summers, Bart Simpson & Xander Harris, Illyria & Bart Simpson (PG)

Non-Buffy Crossovers

NCIS/Harry Potter

Bad Time for a Good Samaritan Ensemble (PG)

Stargate SG1 and Atlantis/Firefly

Rough Road to Travel Ensemble (PG)
Christmas Baking Rodney Mackay & Malcolm Reynolds (PG)

Stargate SG1 and Atlantis/NCIS

It's Classified Gibbs (PG)


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