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I was going to put my series in with the other stories, but it got too big, so I'm separating out Crossovers from Series and Non-Crossovers. I have nine series so far, ranging from 2 ficlets in the Lion series, to the nearly 60k word Slayer vs Stargate series, which is incomplete. This was also the first thing I started writing, and I am still have a way to go before it's ultimately finished.


Slayer vs Stargate

While the main stories of this series are Stargate crossovers, not all of them are. Each crossover is listed beside the story.

1. Windfall Non-crossover
2. Silent Warriors Non-crossover
3. A New Guardian Sentinel
4. Blood of the Strong Stargate SG1
5. Slayer vs Stargate Stargate SG1
6. Worlds Aplenty Stargate SG1
Organisational Chart

The Buffy Inversion

A Buffy/Big Bang Theory crossover that's a kind of reverse of the Season 3 Buffy episode, Halloween.

Why You Don't Go As Buffy For Halloween

The Buffy Drabbles

Not all my stories are crossovers, though over half are. Here are the non-crossovers.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

An Angel's Progress Angel-Wesley/Demon-Spike (NC17) [based on [profile] thea_bromine's Phase Changes.]

An Ode to Hate Xander Harris (M) [dark themes]

Birds and Bees, or Something Like> Xander Harris/Angel(us) (M) [violence, dark]

Breathe Spike (NC17)

Cravings Ensemble (PG)

Discoveries Xander Harris/Rupert Giles (PG)

End of the Line Xander Harris (PG)

Fool Or Innocent Xander Harris, Angelus (PG) [refers to S02E18 Killed by Death]

I'm Just Saying Faith Lehane, Buffy Summers (PG)

Little Pink Parasol Jonathon Levinson (PG)

Remembrance Enough Xander Harris, Dawn Summers (PG15) [future fic, refers to character deaths]

Ring Tones Ensemble (PG)

Son of Mine Rupert Giles, Xander Harris (PG) [real family]

The Great Hostess Bankruptcy Debacle Ensemble (PG)
What Xander Saw Xander Harris (PG)

Wish You Were Here Xander Harris/Spike (NC17) [dark, character death mentioned, explicit scenes]


Scaredy Cat Simon Tam/Jayne Cobb (M) [slash]

Harry Potter

Action Figures and Chocolate Remus Lupin/Severus Snape (M)

Remus and the Horcrux Remus Lupin, Severus Snape & Harry Potter (PG)

Sweetest Dreams Severus Snape & Voldemort (M)

There Is A God Severus Snape & Voldemort (PG)

Wicked Webs Severus Snape/Remus Lupin (NC17) [slash]

Song Fics

There will be thankfully few of these...

In These Shoes


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