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Someone asked for a follow up to Dinner for Two, so here it is.

Rating: PG
Word Count: 528
Warnings: No
Disclaimer: Don't own or claim rights to Harry Potter
Note: With thanks to Starduchess for a quick beta.

Narcissa glanced up at her husband as he entered the breakfast parlour and carefully restrained her expression. As annoyed as she was with the man (and she was, a great deal) it would not do to display that annoyance for the world (or, at least, her husband) to see. The Malfoys may be wealthy, but she was born into the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black, and would not wear her heart, such as it was, on her sleeve.

“Good Morning, Lucius,” Narcissa greeted calmly. “How are you this morning?”

“Fine,” Lucius nodded tersely, “fine.”

“Did you have a pleasant evening with Severus?” Narcissa asked, sternly moderating her tone. She looked up from the letter before her to see a strong shudder run through her husband’s long frame. She saw his elegant hands clench briefly, and gave an infinitesimal sigh of regret.

“I’d rather not talk about it,” Lucius declared as he sat down.

“As you wish,” Narcissa murmured, and turned her attention back to her correspondence. She believed the Muggles had a saying about giving someone enough rope…

Lucius searched about amongst the breakfast dishes and served himself a sufficient meal, at which he then proceeded to poke. He nodded at Narcissa when she gracefully poured him a cup of tea, complete with two lumps of sugar and milk from a delicate pourer, and if he slurped it down just a little, well, he was stressed, and it was his house after all.

“I can’t believe what he did last night!” Lucius blurted out.

“I’m sorry,” Narcissa looked up, mildly startled.

“Severus,” Lucius explained, glaring at the stupid woman for her inability to keep up with a conversation. “He, I…” He stabbed at his bacon then dropped his cutlery with a clatter. “He had the unmitigated gall to, to, to seduce me!” he declared.

Narcissa set down her letter and felt her eyelashes flutter just a little. “I’m not quite sure I understand,” she said finally.

“He, he, he drew me there under false pretences,” Lucius explained, his face flushed, “proceeded to feed me the most inappropriate foods, and then he, he … attempted to… Oh, I can’t say it,” he finished, floundering.

Narcissa took the time to straighten the letter in front of her, smoothing it out. “If I may just clarify,” she began a trifle unsteadily, “Severus invited you to dinner last night,” she glanced up to see Lucius nod, “and prepared some kind of dinner?”

Lucius shuddered again. “Oysters, some silly dish of asparagus, a neat piece of beef with … stuff,” he made a disgusted face, “on it, and a very pleasant treat of a dessert,” he finished with a surprised yet pleased expression.

“Really?” Narcissa murmured. “It sounds positively … romantic,” she decided, glancing up at her husband through her eyelashes again, and, again, he shuddered violently.

“Don’t say that,” Lucius ordered. “It was … it was … embarrassing, humiliating; it was all things egregious!”

“How awful,” Narcissa consoled, keeping her amusement deep within her.

“It was,” Lucius nodded firmly. “It was … dreadful, and I do not wish to speak of it again.”

“As you wish, Husband,” Narcissa nodded calmly.
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