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Here are my icons for Round 1 of the [profile] mutentbell20n20. I claimed the movie 'Serenity'. Here's a teaser:

04_Stand_Misbehave 05_Rough_Jayne 07_Hush_Point

Serenity 20 in 20 icons )


Jun. 28th, 2012 04:27 pm
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Time to post some more icons. These were created for various icon challenge communities, and I'm not going to separate them out, just put them here. If you want them, you can have them.

321 Apple 322_Coy Face 323 Superstar

Here be icons... )
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Buffy and Angel Girls Challenge 324 and Guys Challenge 321 are now open for voting.
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My entries for previous Buffy and Angel Guys and Girls icon challenges. They are available for download.

Guys )

Girls )
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The Buffy and Angel Icon Challenges are open for voting. Girls are here and guys are here.
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Buffy & Angel Guys Challenge 319 and Buffy & Angel Girls Challenge 322 are both now open for voting until Sunday night. Some nice icons up on show.
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Well, Guys of the Buffy Verse Challenge 318 and Girls of the Buffy Verse Challenge 321 have both ended, and I actually received an award for one of the icons I submitted for the Guys challenge (yay!) So here's my award, and the icons are below the cut.


Guys )

Girls )

The icons are available for download and non-commercial use.
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I've submitted icons for both [profile] btvsats_girls and [profile] btvsats_guys current challenges, and they are now open for voting until Sunday Evening. Here for the girls, and here for the boys.
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I've been doing some icons for the [profile] btvsats_guys and [profile] btvsats_girls icon communities. I haven't got anywhere near winning so far, but I've only just started. Anyway, I'm posting the ones from completed challenges, and they are free to be downloaded from photobucket.

The Guys )

The Girls )


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